ValuePRO for Office

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  • Version 2.22.4

    16 March 2021 3:00pm
    • VPO-946 - Invalid characters should not be entered in Config window
    • VPO-997 - Improved comparison of currency values
    • VPO-1001 - Displays a detailed error message when trying to open a report without a valid template
    • VPO-1033 - Added a feature of exporting to pdf or docx with the VP content controls removed
    • VPO-1038 - Improve sync messaging on opening locally saved documents
    • VPO-1040 - Include addition loggings for report conflict and connectivity checks
    • VPO-1041 - Include addition http headers on sync
    • VPO-1043 - Avoid database refresh on mobileuat URL change
    • VPO-1048 - Upgrade Word and Excel rendering components
    • VPO-1048 - Resolve exception on processing OLE in Word
    • VPO-1049 - Resolve saving issue when uploading newly generated excel report
    • VPO-1053 - Resolve auto height adjustment on excel rows
  • Version 2.22.3

    10 February 2021 4:00pm
    • VPO-1032: Conflict window should show up when markdown fields are updated in the job card
    • VPO-1032: Markdown fields always cause conflict window to show up when the report is created from scratch - this does not happen after a user uploaded a sub report
    • VPO-1032: Markdown fields are always updated with the server values regardless of whether a user selects server values or document values in the conflict window
    • VPO-1032: When a user selects document values in the conflict window, the text value without markdown formatting is updated to the server
  • Version 2.22.2

    02 February 2021 10:30am
    • VPO-1030: Resolve issue with markdown fields
  • Version 2.22.1

    27 January 2021 12:00pm
    • VPO-1029: Resolved header/footer update issue
    • VPO-1030: Resolve issue with nested bullet points
    • VPO-1031: Resolved MS Word save issue for offline use
  • Version 2.21.63

    18 December 2020 3:00pm
    • VPO-1027: Resolve alignment issue for VPD document insert
    • VPO-1028: Resolve photos search and offline mode issues
    • VPO-1030: Resolve minor field update issue
  • Version 2.21.58

    28 August 2020 5:00pm
    • VPO-1026: Licensing updates
  • Version 2.21.55

    19 August 2020 5:00pm
    • VPO-1025: Resolved issues with processing VPDel for subobjects
  • Version 2.21.53

    19 June 2020 5:00pm
    • VPO-1023: Resolved portfolio jobs and subobject display issue
  • Version 2.21.51

    1 April 2020 1:00pm
    • VPO-1018: Resolve conflict window issue for markdown, resolve PDF save behaviour, applied security patch
    • VPO-1019: Resolved various issues when Refresh button pressed in Word
  • Version 2.21.49

    25 March 2020 9:00am
    • VPO-1017: Resolved configuration issue on new installation
  • Version 2.21.47

    20 March 2020 3:30pm
    • VPO-1015: Resolved multi row issue on Record Set Awareness (RSA)
    • VPO-1016: Implemented RSA update for PreRender substitute component
  • Version 2.21.45

    16 March 2020 5:00pm
    • VPO-1011: Run pivot table update on excel report generation
  • Version 2.21.40

    17 February 2020 2:00pm
    • VPO-1004: Resolve markdown conflict issue, date formating and implement PreRender ranges as image in Word report
  • Version 2.21.38

    13 January 2020 10:00am
    • VPO-1003: Avoid duplicate markdown field processing, resolve false markdown conflict check and implement 'Meter' data type
  • Version 2.21.14

    18 October 2019 4:00pm
    • VPO-998: Fixed conflict window sales item updates
    • VPO-998: Allow progressed jobs to be updated
  • Version 2.21.10

    15 October 2019 2:30pm
    • VPO-893: Enforce HTTPS
    • VPO-933: Stability improvements
    • VPO-983: Improved support for HTML fields
    • VPO-990: Allow master users to control whether Toolbar users have access to jobs allocated to other valuer
    • VPO-991: UI improvements
    • VPO-993: Improved support for sales evidence
  • Version 2.21.2

    9 October 2019 11:30am
    • VPO-982: Added support for slider bar fields
  • Version 2.21.0

    25 September 2019 2:30pm
    • VPO-980: [Outlook] Upload email without attachments
    • VPO-981: Toolbar speed improvements
  • Version 2.20.7

    13 September 2019 2:00pm
    • VPO-965: Prevent usage on unsupported Microsoft Office versions
    • VPO-966: Fixed lease and sale tab ordering
    • VPO-967: Improved support for older ValuePRO SE environments
    • VPO-969: Conflict window background updates
    • VPO-971: Improved diagnostic logging
    • VPO-972: Adjusted generate report confirmation message
    • VPO-973: Security enhancements
    • VPO-977: [Excel] Fixed report generation
    • VPO-978: Resolved Outlook sync issue
    • VPO-979: Environment checks on starting Toolbar
  • Version 2.19.0

    29 August 2019 2:00pm
    • VPO-928: Show Leases/Sales tab even if there's no field in the DET
    • VPO-932: Insert formatted markdown into a document when inserting lookup options
    • VPO-961: Show notification in status bar when updating new documents/photos
  • Version 2.18.8

    22 August 2019 10:30am
    • VPO-958: [Word][Render] removed relation to the Settings table
    • VPO-963: [Word][Render] implemented number points update
  • Version 2.18.5

    13 August 2019 03:30pm
    • VPO-947: [Excel] Disabled cell value changing when the selected cell isn't related to the current field
    • VPO-950: Language header support
    • VPO-955: [Excel] Handle non worksheet objects when iterating over Workbook.Sheets
    • VPO-956: Improved third party licences window layout
  • Version 2.18.0

    2 August 2019 05:00pm
    • VPO-952: [Excel] RSA sorting fix
  • Version 2.17.0

    10 July 2019 05:00pm
    • VPO-937: [Word]Support for many2many
    • VPO-939: [Word]Resolution for repeat block bookmark naming
    • VPO-941: Resolved portfolio jobs subobjects issue
    • VPO-943: Improved credential window error messages
    • VPO-944: Implemented ExpandByDefault feature for lookup options
  • Version 2.16.6

    6 June 2019 11:30am
    • LSCMM2-118: Implemented "Authorization" client headers for MWS 1.3
    • VPO-684: [Word] add/remove subobjects with right click
    • VPO-689: Disposing resources after VP Document/Workbook closed
    • VPO-700: Improved connectivity check and Ensure sync if initial network issues present
    • VPO-858: Added the PDF number of pages to the document details on Document tab
    • VPO-881: Improved Job status transition UX
    • VPO-883: UpdateSubobjects() to download all relevant subobjects
    • VPO-885: [Word] Handle max field length correctly
    • VPO-890: Issue with many2many vprightbacks
    • VPO-895: Add Sales/Leases node to the TreePanel even if there's no field in the DET VPO-895
    • VPO-897: Update field table column when SO fields contains the wrong table
    • VPO-898: [Excel] Right-click add/remove and dual-way SignalR with Word + Refactoring
    • VPO-900: [Word] optimized special fields loading
    • VPO-905: Fixed XAML source binding errors
    • VPO-906: Right click issue polishing
    • VPO-929: [Word][Render] Improved VPD_ bookmark document insertion
    • VPO-930: fixed VPRightBacks
    • VPO-933: Improved Documents/Photos Tab UI. Added scrollbar to the expanded information section
    • VPO-935: Ensured Office Logo images download
    • VPO-936: [Word][Render] Inserted logo images aspect ratio is aligned with Render System
  • Version 2.15.54

    23 May 2019 4:30pm
    • VPO-915, VPO-927: [Word] Preserved markdown paragraph alignment
    • VPO-916: [Word] Fixed backpage photos filtering
    • VPO-917: [Word][Render] Removed empty paragraphs for tables
    • VPO-918: [Word] Fix for empty newlines in Markdown fields
    • VPO-919: [Excel] Resolved potential corrupt documents on re-gen
    • VPO-921: [Excel] Render -- improved sales sort
    • VPO-922: Fixed lookup options scrolling
  • Version 2.15.35

    8 May 2019 1:30pm
    • VPO-914: Improved Lookup Options load time and scrolling performance.
    • VPO-911: [Word] Improved HTML formatting.
    • VPO-909: [Word] 🎂Added Lookup Options for HTML fields.
    • VPO-904: [Word] Improved HTML formatting.
    • VPO-903: Improved Lookup Options load time and scrolling performance.
  • Version 2.15.5

    6 March 2019 10:00am
    • VPO-564: [Word] Improved VPDel condition check
    • VPO-838: 🎂Display Continuous Updates queue size
    • VPO-888: [Excel] Prevent hidden worksheets from showing
  • Version 2.14.7

    19 February 2019 3:00pm
    • VPO-853: Update sync status with the number of processed pages when inserting PDF appendix
    • VPO-856: Improved document and photo tab UX
    • VPO-859: Implement job status transitions
    • VPO-876: Handle max field length correctly
    • VPO-878: [Excel] field update speed improved
    • VPO-880: [Excel] Improve and repair many2many
    • VPO-886: Fixed issue with right click insert and delete
    • VPO-887: DateTime and locale improvements
  • Version 2.13.7

    29 January 2019 9:00am
    • VPO-871: Normalized live chart replacement in Word
    • VPO-872: Updated SignalR
    • VPO-874: Resolved company logo issue
    • VPO-873: Fixed QA sync process
    • VPO-875: Improved lookup option selection
  • Version 2.12.14

    18 January 2019 4:00pm
    • VPO-860: Handle second "cancel" when re-generating report
    • VPO-862: Focus on opened job instead of opening a copy
    • VPO-864: Lookup options compatible with SE
    • VPO-866: Resolve right panel field display issue
    • VPO-867: Improved SignalR logging
    • VPO-868: Resolve BookmarkEnd in empty table cell issue
  • Version 2.11.0

    13 December 2018 5:30pm
    • VPO-855: Improved PreRender bookmark handling.
    • VPO-854: Support for multiple company logos.
    • VPO-850: Ensure latest templates are downloaded.
    • VPO-848: Detailed logging of template errors.
    • VPO-846: Always select the current template upon opening a job.
    • VPO-845: Right Panel search filter improvements.
    • VPO-844: [Word] Ensure Left Panel tracks the currently selected Content Control.
    • VPO-842: Improved database error logging.
    • VPO-839: [Excel] Fixed minor RSA issue.
    • VPO-835: [Excel] Restrict formula conflcit checks to the selected cell.
    • VPO-831: 🎂Simultaneous document uploads and loading indicator.
    • VPO-826: Document & Photo Tab UX & UI improvements.
    • VPO-824: [Excel] Check whether selected cell relates to Lookup Options before inserting.
    • VPO-819: Fixed the Right Panel decimal separator in case of many significant digits.
    • VPO-814: Log whether alpha features are enabled or not.
    • VPO-810: Optimised embedded documents (appendices).
  • Version 2.10.41

    21 November 2018 6:10pm
    • VPO-840: Fixed issues with sync window during uploading of sub-reports.
    • VPO-841: Enhancements to exception and event logging.
  • Version 2.10.31

    20 November 2018 2:00pm
    • VPO-834: Resolved access conflict when synchronising job images.
  • Version 2.10.28

    16 November 2018 4:50pm
    • VPO-833: Diagnostic logging and stability improvements.
    • VPO-832: Fix for various UI issues related to field selection.
    • VPO-831: Adjustments to diagnostic logging window.
    • VPO-830: Failure during uploading of a subreport no longer closes the active document.
  • Version 2.10.9

    12 November 2018 5:35pm
    • VPO-827: Fixed sales table primary key issue.
    • VPO-825: Improved exception handling during sync.
    • VPO-815: Fixed issue with HTML content controls.
  • Version 2.10.1

    07 November 2018 10:43am
    • VPO-822: 🎂[Excel] Enhanced diagnostics.
    • VPO-817: Improved RTS stability.
    • VPO-816: Fixed a minor bug in retrieving signatures.
    • VPO-812: Fixed tooltips in the Conflict Window.
    • VPO-808: 🎂Live update photos & documents when deleted from Standard Edition.
    • VPO-807: Improved document upload stability.
    • VPO-806: Improved progress indicator for document insertion.
    • VPO-805: Improved network detection.
    • VPO-804: Resolved minor rendering bug.
    • VPO-481: Reset field status in the Left Panel following undo command.
    • VPO-437: Migrated logging infrastructure.
  • Version 2.9.0

    18 October 2018 5:30pm
    • VPO-797: 🎂Standard Edition compatibility check and notification.
    • VPO-796: Improved documents download protocol.
    • VPO-795: Defer synchronising any unnecessary data.
    • VPO-788: 🏎Tremendous improvements to synchronisation speed.
  • Version 2.8.23

    18 October 2018 4:30pm
    • VPO-800: 🎂Support for dragging and dropping multiple documents.
    • VPO-800: Improved offline detection when working with documents.
    • VPO-794: Prevent background loading of documents and photos upon closing job.
    • VPO-792: Fixed document list ordering.
    • VPO-783: 🎂Improved Photos and Documents tab layout.
    • VPO-770: 🎂Improved Photos search layout.
    • VPO-755: Hide the lookup option expand button when its text fits within a single line.
    • VPO-724: Conflict Window clickable area now matches cell height.
    • VPO-643: Disallow fields being dropped into the Left Panel.
  • Version 2.8.20

    17 October 2018 2:00pm
    • VPO-336: [Excel] Improved handling around rows or columns added and removed.
  • Version 2.8.16

    12 October 2018 5:45pm
    • VPO-799: [Word] Spell check not working when the document is loaded.
    • VPO-798: [Excel] Fixed mapping of occupancy related cells.
    • VPO-798: [Word] RTS bookmarks fix
  • Version 2.8.6

    08 October 2018 5:30pm
    • VPO-736: [Outlook] Fixed drag-drop behaviour.
  • Version 2.8.3

    25 September 2018 5:30pm
    • VPO-791: [Word] Edge case with special lookup fields.
  • Version 2.7.94

    07 September 2018 2:00pm
    • VPO-759: [Word] Markdown formatting fixed, and markdown performance improved.
    • VPO-780: [Word] Handle undo history when inserting documents.
    • VPO-784: Implemented a proper missing dependancy message.
  • Version 2.7.86

    31 August 2018 4:15pm
    • VPO-775: 🎂[Word] Implemented progress and cancellation for document insertion.
    • VPO-773: 🎂[Word] Reimplemented drag drop and insertion of documents from Right Panel.
  • Version 2.7.84

    30 August 2018 5:15pm
    • VPO-774: [Word] Fixed font formatting behaviour.
    • VPO-704: 🎂[Word] Right Panel support for drag drop uploading via Documents tab.
  • Version 2.7.82

    29 August 2018 5:30pm
    • VPO-774: [Word] Resolved formatting issue for Excel components and improved inline RSA handling within tables.
  • Version 2.7.80

    27 August 2018 3:30pm
    • VPO-769: [Word] Fixed table ordering and structuring issue.
  • Version 2.7.76

    27 August 2018 6:00pm
    • VPO-766: Resolved 'Value in Words' fields not updating under specific sequences of events.
    • VPO-765: [Word] Automatic processing of Excel dependencies.
    • VPO-767: 🎂[UI] Right Panel Lookup Option enhancements.
  • Version 2.7.69

    23 August 2018 6:00pm
    • VPO-761: 🎂[UI] Lookup options are now searchable.
    • VPO-760: [Word] Improved RSA lease evidence sorting.
    • VPO-757: [Word] Fixed single line Content Control compatibility with new-line separated selection options.
    • VPO-756: [Word] Default cursor position to the end of Content Controls when field is selected from Left Panel.
    • VPO-754: Enforce replace behaviour on 'list' field types.
    • VPO-744: Unified and overhauled design for MultiSelect and SingleSelect options.
  • Version 2.7.62

    22 August 2018 1:30pm
    • VPO-753: [Word] Remove redundant blank lines between RSA tables.
  • Version 2.7.61

    20 August 2018 6:45pm
    • VPO-751: 🏎[Word] Performance improvements relating to Markdown fields when opening jobs.
    • VPO-750: [Word] Handle unnecessary blank lines around RSA tables.
  • Version 2.7.56

    20 August 2018 9:45am
    • VPO-746: [Excel] Fixed multi-row RSA formatting issues related to inserting and sorting.
  • Version 2.7.55

    17 August 2018 5:30pm
    • VPO-749: [Word] Resolved slowdown relating to Sale and Lease evidence tables.
    • VPO-743: [Word] Improved responsiveness when entering and exiting Markdown fields.
    • VPO-740: Fixed reset button for Markdown fields.
    • VPO-738: 🏎[Excel] Significant performance improvements when opening jobs.
    • VPO-713: Hide Lookup Option item checkbox for Markdown fields.
    • VPO-651: [UI] Fixed binding errors.
  • Version 2.7.46

    16 August 2018 7:15pm
    • VPO-745: [Word] Always uses the latest Excel substitute in Word report.
    • VPO-742: Markdown Lookup Options UI redesign and speed improvements.
    • VPO-735: Markdown Lookup Options UI redesign and speed improvements.
    • VPO-734: [Excel] Fixed single-row RSA related formatting issues.
    • VPO-733: [Word] Improved handling of whitespace around Excel components.
    • VPO-730: Markdown Lookup Options UI redesign and speed improvements.
    • VPO-726: Markdown Lookup Options UI redesign and speed improvements.
  • Version 2.7.39

    10 August 2018 6:30pm
    • VPO-731: 🏎Significant performance improvemnts when updating Named Ranges.
  • Version 2.7.35

    08 August 2018 2:00pm
    • VPO-727: Zero-rule for Word report applied to imported Excel sub-component zeros during conflict check.
    • VPO-719: 🎂Excel component re-rendered automatically as Word report is opened if not already present on the server.
  • Version 2.7.31

    03 August 2018 12:00pm
    • VPO-720: [Word] Edge case affecting fields within nested tables.
  • Version 2.7.28

    02 August 2018 7:00pm
    • VPO-723: Enhanced sale and lease sorting.
    • VPO-722: Expanding related controls causes an unhandled exception.
    • VPO-718: [Word] Support for inline RSA blocks within nested table cells.
    • VPO-717: [Word] Fixed issue when RSA handles a combination of add, delete and sort operations.
    • VPO-714: Updated UI messages.
    • VPO-713: 🎂Implemented titled Lookup Options for Markdown fields.
    • VPO-712: Ensure sales and leases are correctly sorted in the Tree Panel.
    • VPO-710: Improved RSA sorting stability.
    • VPO-619: Improvements to live documents and photos.
  • Version 2.7.5

    25 July 2018 3:00pm
    • VPO-703: Resolved Markdown line-wrapping behaviour.
    • VPO-701: Improved VPDel handling of empty values.
    • VPO-699: 🎂[Photos Panel] Upload photo when drag dropped into an empty list.
    • VPO-698: 🎂[Word] Implemented RSA sorting, addition and removal of records.
    • VPO-697: [Conflict Window] Fixed inconsistent percentage value formatting.
    • VPO-695: [Conflict Window] Fixed tooltip related non-responsivenes.
    • VPO-694: [Excel] Ensure 'Final Value Adopted in Words' is automatically updated.
    • VPO-693: Resolved VPDel edge case causing partial dematerialisation of templates.
    • VPO-692: WiX and dependency packaging improvements.
    • VPO-691: [Word] RSA now reserves a placeholder within empty record sets.
    • VPO-690: 🎂Implemented support for spaces in dynamic VPDels.
    • VPO-627: 🎂[Outlook] New attachments upload UI.
    • VPO-619: 🎂Live update for photos & documents.
  • Version 2.6.3

    18 July 2018 10:00am
    • VPO-679: [Conflict Window] Select latest value by default.
  • Version 2.6.1

    17 July 2018 3:30pm
    • VPO-685: [Word] Support for VPDel conditions with spaces.
  • Version 2.6.0

    16 July 2018 7:30pm
    • VPO-682: [Word] Fixed missing placeholder for empty Markdown fields.
    • VPO-681: [Word] Patched inconsistent data caused by VPDel in repeat blocks.
    • VPO-679: Conflict Window UX enhancements.
    • VPO-677: 🎂Options added for displaying zero-values imported from Excel in Word report.
    • VPO-676: Revised Conflict Window rounding behaviour.
    • VPO-675: [Excel] Named range mapping improvement.
    • VPO-673: Licence expired message now only triggers upon user action.
    • VPO-668: DAL optimisation and refactoring.
  • Version 2.5.9

    04 July 2018 3:30pm
    • VPO-671: [Word] SignalR inconsistencies and decimal numbers fixed.
  • Version 2.5.5

    29 June 2018 1:00pm
    • VPO-670: Extended handling of PreRender_* bookmark variants.
  • Version 2.5.0

    26 June 2018 11:30am
    • VPO-667: Fixed sub-component conflict checking.
    • VPO-657: Render dataset caching disabled.
    • VPO-656: Fixed QA web service integration.
    • VPO-655: 🎂Implemented 'VPDel2' template flag for dynamic VPDel.
    • VPO-653: Improved handling inconsistently structured VPDels.
    • VPO-648: [Outlook] Minor architectural changes.
    • VPO-647: [Tree Panel] Utilised field filtering.
    • VPO-646: [Tree Panel] Clear search button.
    • VPO-640: Ribbon code refactored.
    • VPO-620: Right Panel Markdown "editor".
  • Version 2.4.38

    22 June 2018 11:00am
    • VPO-655: [Word] Legacy VPDel behavior enabled by default.
  • Version 2.4.35

    21 June 2018 9:45am
    • VPO-653: [Word] Improved handling of inconsistent VPDels.
  • Version 2.4.22

    06 June 2018 2:00pm
    • 🍼Rollup of version 2.2.*-dev features.
  • Version 2.2.124

    23 May 2018 10:30pm
    • VPO-624: 🎂[Word] Implemented embedded reports.
    • VPO-615: [UI] Improper use of capture tables by field dataset loader.
    • VPO-554: Set all hardcoded number-to-words fields as read-only.
  • Version 2.2.117

    09 May 2018 5:00pm
    • VPO-613: [Word] Implemented VPO-604;Portfolio jobs missing Content Controls for child fields.
    • VPO-612: Solved UI / thread synchronisation issues.
    • VPO-605: Finalised VPO-603; QA Freezes for Portfolio jobs.
    • VPO-602: [Word] Spellcheck is not working for field values.
    • VPO-589: [Word] Improved portfolio support.
  • Version 2.2.99

    04 May 2018 7:30pm
    • VPO-601: [Word] Incorrectly configured read-only fields cause exceptions on Content Control exit.
    • VPO-600: [Word] Improved handling of edge cases for HtmlMemo fields.
  • Version 2.2.84

    19 April 2018 1:15pm
    • VPO-585: Improved tolerance of poor internet conectivity when synchronising.
    • VPO-582: 🎂[Word] RSA revitalisation.
    • VPO-578: [Word] Sub-component conflict check is broken and causes crashes.
    • VPO-576: [UI] Removed label above Date control.
    • VPO-568: Prevent fields from being edited when they have any formula related.
  • Version 2.2.77

    17 April 2018 2:30pm
    • VPO-574: [Word] Edge case affecting footer width in generated reports.
    • VPO-573: Corrupt, outdated or missing config file prevents Word or Excel from starting.
    • VPO-572: Thumbnails for corrupt documents (Right Panel tab) cause the software to crash.
    • VPO-553: Implemented thread-safe asset synchronisation.
  • Version 2.2.70

    13 April 2018 5:15pm
    • VPO-569: Display full SubObject name in Conflict Window.
  • Version 2.2.65

    13 April 2018 2:30pm
    • VPO-567: 🏎Impemented in-memory configuration store for improved performance.
  • Version 2.2.63

    13 April 2018 11:00am
    • VPO-566: RTS / SignalR registers for updates despite being disabled.
    • VPO-565: [Excel] Resolved edge case with certain SubObjects omitted from conflict checks.
  • Version 2.2.58

    12 April 2018 5:30pm
    • VPO-556: 🏎[Excel] Performance profiling and improvement.
  • Version 2.2.47

    10 April 2018 10:00am
    • VPO-558: Prevent right-click in Tree Panel from adding fields to document.
    • VPO-558: Handled exception when loading template files.
  • Version 2.2.44

    04 April 2018 5:30pm
    • VPO-555: [Excel] Fixed crash when enabling edit mode on downloaded documents.
  • Version 2.2.41

    04 April 2018 3:30pm
    • VPO-548: [Word] Enhanced margin detection and resizing of annexures / appendices.
    • VPO-547: [Excel] Additional handling for conflicting names assigned to AF ranges.
    • VPO-546: Improved conflcit resolution for legal 'Title' repeat blocks.
  • Version 2.2.30

    23 March 2018 5:30pm
    • VPO-539: [Excel] Handle conflicting names assigned to AF ranges.
    • VPO-538: [Word] Appendices fall outside of document margins.
    • VPO-537: [Excel] Fixed VPRightbacks for formulated cells.
    • VPO-524: Improved role filtering in Office and Valuer dropdowns.
    • VPO-275: Improved handling of multiple lookup values in Right Editor Panel.
  • Version 2.2.8

    14 March 2018 5:30pm
    • VPO-522: Data Activity Indicator falls out of sync with document changes.
    • VPO-517: Jobs with no template cause synchronisation to hang indefinitely.
    • VPO-515: [Excel] Revert to historic behaviour for Yes/No / True/False fields.
    • VPO-512: Connection status incorrectly marked as offline when first opening a job.
    • VPO-489: 🎂[Excel] Support for photos.
  • Version 2.2.1

    08 March 2018 5:30pm
    • VPO-508: Language resource files are missing in WiX config.
    • VPO-505: 🎂[Excel] Localise context menu CRUD options.
    • VPO-503: 🎂Dynamic updates for SubObject titles in the Tree Panel.
    • VPO-494: Currency being double formatted.
    • VPO-493: Empty Occupancy fields.
    • VPO-492: Refactoring & cleanup.
    • VPO-491: [Excel] RSA conditional formatting issue.
    • VPO-490: [Word] Improved handling of proximal whitespace when using RSA.
    • VPO-488: 🎂[Excel] 'Add' option for RecordSet CRUD context menu.
    • VPO-486: Clear selected field state after navigating through a Tree Panel node which is not present in the document.
    • VPO-484: RadioBarYesNoUnknown field type does not fully support 'Unknown' state.
    • VPO-482: [Word] Field fails to receive updates when not present as a Content Control.
    • VPO-480: Improve SignalR / RTS group hash algorithm.
    • VPO-478: Deprecate WordLinkDisplay field flag.
    • VPO-477: Number field/calculator not working as expected.
    • VPO-474: [Excel] Handle legacy AFTags with prefixes.
    • VPO-473: Improve RTS stability.
    • VPO-470: Send language tag via web-services.
    • VPO-469: [Excel] RSA multirow bug.
    • VPO-468: [Excel] Laggy keyboard navigation.
    • VPO-466: Gracefully degrade i18n support under non-compliant instances.
    • VPO-459: Appendices title formatting / behaviour.
    • VPO-457: Inconsistent right editor panel visibility
    • VPO-455: SignalR auto connect after full sync.
    • VPO-454: [Excel] Lag when selecting a field not utilised in the document.
    • VPO-453: When dragged and dropped, boolean fields should have a value like Yes or No instead TRUE or FALSE.
    • VPO-452: Boolean field does not correctly update server.
    • VPO-449: Cannot perform full resync after closing all documents.
    • VPO-448: [Excel] Massive memory leaks with large copy-paste operations.
    • VPO-446: RTS config option is a breaking change; improve backwards compatibility.
    • VPO-443: 'Developer Options' menu padding.
    • VPO-441: 🎂Implement 'Auto Suggest Multi Line (Titled)' editor.
    • VPO-440: Tree / Field icons should have white or transparent background.
    • VPO-439: Drop event is not working correctly for currency datatype.
    • VPO-438: Overhaul synchronisation code.
    • VPO-436: Disabling 'Enable Alpha Features' should also disable 'Enable Real-Time Sync'.
    • VPO-432: 🏎SignalR chunk handling delays; vast speed improvements.
    • VPO-431: Filter templates based on DET.
    • VPO-430: [Excel] Update chunks via SignalR where bookmark name is not Prerender_Excel_; historic template compatibility.
    • VPO-428: SignalR propagation failure.
    • VPO-427: Modified job visibility for 'Admin' user role.
    • VPO-426: Improved DisplayOrder handling.
    • VPO-424: Erroneous boolean field conflicts.
    • VPO-423: Boolean field editor defects.
    • VPO-422: [Excel] Data Activity Indicator improvements.
    • VPO-421: [Word] RSA improvements.
    • VPO-418: Support date format (month names).
    • VPO-416: [Excel] Error when field is droping existing field-cell.
    • VPO-412: [QA] Navigation does not always exit previous.
    • VPO-410: 🎂i18n Support.
    • VPO-403: 🎂[Excel] Support for multi-row RSA.
    • VPO-400: Improved handling of UI events across two idential documents.
    • VPO-393: 🎂[Excel] RecordSet CRUD context menu.
  • Version 2.1.120

    20 February 2018 11:30am
    • VPO-457: Inconsistent right editor panel visibility.
    • VPO-456: Renamed 'About ValuePRO' label to 'About'.
    • VPO-455: Ensure SignalR connects after full sync.
    • VPO-451: Error when selecting branch (non-field) tree node.
    • VPO-448: [Excel] Improved resource governor to gracefully handle massive cell updates.
    • VPO-441: Implemented 'Auto Suggest Multi Line (Titled)' editor.
    • VPO-440: Tree / Field icons now have transparent backgrounds.
  • Version 2.1.93

    09 February 2018 11:00am
    • VPO-448: [Excel] Implemented resource governor to gracefully handle massive cell updates.
  • Version 2.1.91

    07 February 2018 04:15pm
    • VPO-442: [Excel] Improved stability when updating an extensive number of cells (e.g. large copy paste operations).
  • Version 2.1.86

    06 February 2018 03:30pm
    • VPO-400: Prevent the same job from being opened concurrently using differing Report Templates.
  • Version 2.1.83

    05 February 2018 12:45pm
    • VPO-435: Added an option to toggle real-time sync (SignalR).
    • VPO-419: Improved settings file handling.
  • Version 2.1.71

    01 February 2018 12:30pm
    • VPO-433: Fixed QA bug (causing numerous error alerts) when working on multiple documents.
  • Version 2.1.70

    31 January 2018 06:30pm
    • VPO-432: [Excel] Performance enhancement for handling many Named Ranges and Charts.
  • Version 2.1.65

    25 January 2018 08:30pm
    • VPO-427: Enhanced visibility of jobs for admin users.
    • VPO-418: Improved handling of short vs long date formats.
  • Version 2.1.48

    11 January 2018 10:30am
    • VPO-417: Added a boolean field editor.
    • VPO-415: Disable real-time updates to Right Panel editor for some field types.
    • VPO-413: Native QA UI enhancements.
    • VPO-408: Preserve times when switching between dates in the DateTime editor.
    • VPO-402: Right panel message for unsupported field types.
  • Version 2.1.33

    20 December 2017 5:30pm
    • VPO-408: Reconfigure ExactDateTime field type to behave the same way as DateTime fields.
    • VPO-407: [Word] Interoperability enhancements for HTMLMemo fields.
    • VPO-326: [Word] First release of native QA feature.
  • Version 2.1.26

    19 December 2017 7:00pm
    • VPO-406: [Word] Ignore conflcits for HTMLEditor fields.
  • Version 2.1.25

    19 December 2017 06:30pm
    • VPO-405: [Word] Fixed ExactDate field type handling.
    • VPO-405: [Word] Restored intermediate HTMLEditor field type functionality.
  • Version 2.1.22

    19 December 2017 05:30pm
    • VPO-404: [Word] Implemented field value comparisons in VPDel.
  • Version 2.1.19

    15 December 2017 05:30pm
    • VPO-401: Implemented support for 'MemoPopUpSelect (Titled)' field type.
  • Version 2.1.18

    15 December 2017 04:30pm
    • VPO-398: [Word] Reconfigured VP_PreRender controls from 'locked' to 'readonly'.
    • VPO-398: Resolved a broken external library dependency.
    • VPO-398: [Excel] Fixed an edge case with VPRightBacks when adding records to substitute reports.
    • VPO-397: Fixed an edge case for 'ExcludeToolBarConflict'fields.
    • VPO-396: [Word] Implemented PhotoGrid_TaggedPhotos_* bookmark.
    • VPO-392: [Word] Fixed an issue preventing documents from being closed and reopened.
    • VPO-391: [Word] Fixed an issue causing panels to remain open in blank documents.
    • Major refactoring to improve performance and reduce installer size.
  • Version 2.1.0

    08 December 2017 05:00pm
    • VPO-387: Edge case relating to null coalescing of field values.
    • VPO-384: [Word] Fixed edge case with identical VPDel blocks.
    • VPO-312: Improved edge cases for Number to Words under SignalR.
    • [Word] PhotoGrid_BackPagePhotos now excludes images with names like 'title', 'map' and 'sketch'.
    • Improved alpha features SignalR stability.
  • Version 2.0.995

    01 December 2017 12:30pm
    • VPO-386: Sync speed improvements.
    • VPO-382: Edge cases with negative numbers.
    • VPO-373: [Word] Handling of negative numbers.
    • VPO-361: Graceful handling of empty / default dates within the calendar editor.
  • Version 2.0.987

    24 November 2017 3:55pm
    • VPO-324: Removed the default license key 'XXXXXX'. and default Friendly Name 'XXXXXX'.
    • VPO-322: Fix alignment of calculator operations buttons.
    • VPO-327: Error log .gz files are not cleaned up (related to VPO-311 -- Send log feature).
    • VPO-328: Improved VPRightBack and fixed double slashes in url when opening SE cards via plugin.
    • VPO-321: Incorrect 'MemoPopUpSelect' behaviour in Right Panel.
    • VPO-329: Fixed Show/Hide Panels Button functionality.
    • VPO-307: Handle SiglanR disconnects.
    • VPO-338: Conflict window doesn't detect substitute value.
    • VPO-333: [Word] Tree Selected node should be deactivated upon exist from content control.
    • VPO-337: Conflict window values not applied to cells.
    • VPO-316: [Excel] Edit fields with formulas.
    • VPO-339: [Excel] Fixed VPRightBack issues.
    • VPO-341: If an ValuePRO jobs opened in Word or Excel, notify user to close them before attempting a full refresh.
    • VPO-316: Fixed Multiselect error.
    • VPO-339: [Excel] VPRightBack works fine for formula cells but is ignored if the VPRightBack cell has static value in the template.
    • VPO-340: [Excel] date control edge cases.
    • VPO-316: Changed field value validation.
    • VPO-332: [Word] Field changes do not propagate from ContentControl.
    • VPO-343: [Word] Field selection exception in Word (only?); multiselect fields.
    • VPO-344: [Word] Fixed issue with logos and signatures not coming through.
    • VPO-291: Right panel does not update after switching between Number field to Text field.
    • VPO-345: [Word] When entering a text using right panel two new lines are inserted and caret jumps back to the beginning.
    • VPO-348: Filter out photo files same way the SE does.
    • VPO-351: NullReferenceError when closing Word or Excel.
    • VPO-354: [Excel] Opening an Excel Template hangs Excel.
    • VPO-349: [Excel] Left panel tree view does not clear selection after moving to a non-ValuePRO cell.
    • VPO-350: [Excel] Select a node on a tree view, which does not exist in the document when edited it does not get synced with a server.
    • VPO-355: [Excel] Date Field handling.
    • VPO-360: Real time ranges and charts synchronisation stability improvement.
    • VPO-356: [Excel] RadioBar (Yes/No) type field did not always updates to server.
    • VPO-342: Added "PopUpSelect" as a new DataType to correctly set the EditorType.
    • VPO-362: Job won't open if the excel have sub objects within Sales/Leases.
    • VPO-363: About Window copyright date.
    • VPO-369: Ensure installer updates dependencies in all cases.
    • VPO-372: [Word] VPDel for Repeat Blocks bug.
    • VPO-375: Add "cancel" button to "upload to server" dialog that pops up on document close.
    • VPO-374: Sync stall when license key has been used elsewhere.
    • Improved adding, deleting and sorting of recordsets.
  • Version 2.0.938

    26 October 2017 02:30pm
    • Sorting issue fixed.
  • Version 2.0.890

    11 October 2017 08:00pm
    • Workaround for chart resizing bug / limitation in Word.
    • Enabled unrelated content controls in Word.
  • Version 2.0.884

    09 October 2017 05:30pm
    • Fixed a regression in job filtering and permissions.
    • Enhanced performance when using non-alpha functionality.
    • Stablility improvements to Right Panel editor.
    • Removed hang on devices using stylus input.
  • Version 2.0.878

    05 October 2017 05:30pm
    • Fixed job filtering permissions.
    • Fixed automatic ribbon selection of current user.
    • New Tree Panel keyboard navigation in Excel.
    • Updated the display of utilised fields in the Tree Panel.
    • Improved Calculator visibility on small monitors.
    • Fixed multiple option selection in the Editor Panel.
    • Improved handling of MultiLineAutoSuggest fields in the Editor Panel.
    • Better handling of jobs with no template set.
    • Better handling of unnamed content controls in Word.
  • Version 2.0.866

    28 September 2017 01:30pm
    • Version 2.0.865

      28 September 2017 12:30pm
      • Version 2.0.862

        25 September 2017 02:30pm
        • Improved Clear Database functionality (About window).
        • Fixed LH & RH panel behaviour in Word.
      • Version 2.0.856

        22 September 2017 11:30am
        • Improved handling of AutoSuggestSingleLine fields in Excel and Word.
      • Version 2.0.853

        21 September 2017 5:00pm
        • Outlook synchronisation enhancements.
      • Version 2.0.852

        21 September 2017 12:00pm
        • Incremented .NET framework version to 4.52.
        • Improved shutdown for Word, Excel & Outlook.
        • Generic icon for unknown Tree View categories.
        • Modernised Credentials & About windows.
        • Special handling for single Excel cells utilised in PreRender_* mergefields.
      • Version 2.0.794

        14 September 2017 4:30pm
        • Performance enhancements.
      • Version 2.0.791

        14 September 2017 10:00am
        • Performance enhancements.
      • Version 2.0.779

        12 September 2017 4:30pm
        • Performance enhancements.
      • Version 2.0.699

        21 August 2017 6:00pm
        • Fix issues with deleting/adding cells and rows in Excel.
      • Version 2.0.694

        18 August 2017 6:00pm
        • New UI.
        • Fix error on saving document.
        • Optimise selection in Excel.
      • Version 2.0.599

        4 August 2017 11:10am
        • Fixed overwriting of formatting in Excel recordsets.
        • Fixed calculation ranges being compressed when moving Excel ranges
        • Fixed issue uploading percentages from conflict window.
      • Version 2.0.518

        14 July 2017 2:40pm
        • Fix error when deleting cell in Excel
        • Fix for incorrect behaviour in recordsets in Excel
        • Honour autowriteback setting on substitute model generation
      • Version 2.0.509

        13 July 2017 3:10pm
        • Fix error message.
      • Version 2.0.505

        12 July 2017 4:28pm
        • Fix value position check in excel.
      • Version 2.0.500

        11 July 2017 5:07pm
        • Fix generation error caused by saving in old excel format.
      • Version 2.0.430

        12 June 2017 4:45pm
        • FEditable HTML fields
      • Version 2.0.417

        6 June 2017 5:20pm
        • Fixed issue date issues.
        • Allow turning off templates for dynamic record sets.
      • Version 2.0.329

        17 May 2017 2:20pm
        • Fixed issue reordering dynamic recordsets.
      • Version 2.0.293

        4 May 2017 10:00am
        • Fix updating of vprightback cells.
        • Change number formatting of dragged-in fields.
      • Version 2.0.290

        2 May 2017 1:00pm
        • Fix updating of hidden fields and cells with template-defined named ranges.
        • Fixed photos display.
      • Version 2.0.286

        27 April 2017 3:21pm
        • Fixed table generation issue.
        • Fixed read-only fields not being updated by Excel.
        • Changed percentages display.
        • Fixed error on refresh when job is open.
      • Version 2.0.266

        18 April 2017 4:38pm
        • Fixed recovery pane issue.
        • Fixed some errors relating to dynamic record sets.
      • Version 2.0.261

        12 April 2017 12:00pm
        • Fixed issue loading large non-ValuePRO documents.
        • Fixed recordset conditional formatting issues.
      • Version 2.0.253

        11 April 2017 10:12am
        • Normal ValuePRO cells become VPRightBack cells if a formula is input.
        • Fixed uploading issue in Excel.
      • Version 2.0.250

        10 April 2017 2:03pm
        • Fix for validation error message in Excel.
        • Fix for on-close crash and subsequent document recovery panel.
      • Version 2.0.241

        06 April 2017 2:25pm
        • Fixed missing mobile settings table error messages.
        • Readded show-hide button in Outlook.
        • Fixed issue updating incorrect fields with similar field names in Word.
      • Version 2.0.233

        03 April 2017 4:53pm
        • Direct uploading for Outlook.
        • Updated tree panel for Outlook.
        • Date picker in Excel giving incorrect dates issue fixed.
        • Calculated value replacing formula values for VPRightback fields issue fixed in Excel.
        • Dragged in fields only opening right panel editors correctly the first time issue in Excel. fixed.
        • Chart rendering issue in Word fixed.
        • Tree item colour issue when deleting content controls in Word fixed.
      • Version 2.0.174

        15 March 2017 4:53pm
        • Fix conflicts caused by incorrect rounding.
        • Fix 'VPRightback' cells not updating.
        • Fix error deleting content controls.
        • Convert numbers to words functionality added.
        • Outlook install issue resolved.
        • Dynamic record set awareness enabled.
        • Sorting based on record column.
      • Version 2.0.128

        2 March 2017 10:30am
        • Table column width of tables imported to Word from Excel reflects values in Excel.
        • Word does not prompt to save if no changes have been made.
        • International currency symbol issue resolved.
        • xlsm upload issue resolved.
        • Drag and drop documents of other formats (.doc,.xls,etc).
      • Version 2.0.117

        24 February 2017 4:00pm
        • Drag documents and photos into Word and Excel documents.
        • Fix for occassional crashes on generation.
        • Fix issue getting the wrong template when .doc/docx and .xls/xlsx files exist.
        • Fix bug where PhotoGrids use the same IDs for both controls in a row.
      • Version 2.0.98

        21 February 2017 4:00pm
        • Fixed formatting issues.
        • Fixed bug where it becomes impossible to change credentials after generating a report.
        • Fixed error message when clicking node on tree.
      • Version 2.0.74

        10 February 2017 4:43pm
        • Fixed leasecapture update bug.
        • Closing document when uploading prompts to save.
        • Database updates when regenerating reports.
        • Shows only relevant photos by default.
        • Fixed documents not appearing in panels.
        • Fixed erronous conflicts caused by rounding errors.
        • Fixed erronous conflict with deleted substitute reports.
        • Fixed numeric fields in Excel update issue.
        • Fixed errors changing between jobs with photos.
        • Fixed erronous conflicts in write back fields.
      • Version 2.0.35

        10 January 2017 9:26am
        • Fix error on generation.
      • Version 2.0.34

        9 January 2017 5:48pm
        • Fix appendices insertion.
      • Version 2.0.33

        9 January 2017 5:21pm
        • Install location change.
        • Fix appendices insertion.
      • Version 2.0.32

        21 December 2016 5:32pm
        • Fixed issue with editing sales.
        • HTML fields convert to word formatting in content controls.
      • Version 2.0.31

        19 December 2016 5:40pm
        • Fixed issue with incorrect sales conflicts.
      • Version 2.0.30

        19 December 2016 1:50pm
        • Fixed issue with deleted substitute components being added.
      • Version 2.0.29

        15 December 2016 2:00pm
        • Removed borders and highlighting changed from placeholder text due to the instability these cause.
      • Version 2.0.28

        30 November 2016 9:24am
        • Fixed issues with Excel's behaviour when opening and closing non-ValuePRO workbooks.
      • Version 2.0.27

        29 November 2016 4:40pm
        • Fixed freezing issue with readonly content control.
        • Fixed formatting issue with placeholder text in tables.
      • Version 2.0.26

        25 November 2016 3:38pm
        • Fixed issue where subject lease conflicts only display the first conflict.
        • If a report is already open, it will be activated rather than regenerated if selected.
        • Fixed issue where document prompts to save despite no changes.
        • Added error message when opening document in protected mode.
        • Fixed placeholder text font changes when entering/exiting.
        • Decreased lag when placeholder text is set.
      • Version 2.0.25

        10 November 2016 4:50pm
        • Fixed issue with regenerating substitute reports with document opened from web
        • Fixed issue opening Excel workbook from web.
        • Fixed issue with listboxes.
        • Fixed checkbox using wrong database value.
        • 'Reset' in Excel now resets the formula of the cell, not just the value.
        • Added new conflict window.
      • Version 2.0.24

        7 November 2016 5:22pm
        • Fixed issue with adding and removing cells, rows, and columns in Excel.
        • Fixed issue with newlines causing conflicts.
      • Version 2.1.3

        7 November 2016 5:08pm
        • Fixed issue with adding and removing cells, rows, and columns in Excel.
        • Fixed issue with newlines causing conflicts.
      • Version 2.0.23

        11 November 2016 5:30pm
        • Fixed issue with values in conflict window being rounded.
        • Various minor bugfixes.
      • Version 2.1.2

        4 November 2016 5:35pm
        • Fixed issue with values in conflict window being rounded.
        • Various minor bugfixes.
      • Version 2.1.1

        2 November 2016 11:00am
        • Various minor bugfixes
      • Version 2.1.0

        27 October 2016 1:40pm
        • New conflict window.
      • Version 2.0.22

        25 October 2016 5:30pm
        • Fixes regarding conflict window errors.
      • Version 2.0.21

        25 October 2016 10:00am
        • Fix issue rerendering reports with conflicting substitute components.
        • Fix errors when opening saved document.
      • Version 2.0.20

        14 October 2016 5:25pm
        • Fixed issue where canceling a close can leave the application in a state with no panels.
        • Fixed display issue with checkbox types.
      • Version 2.0.19

        10 October 2016 3:43pm
        • (Excel) Fields dragged in from the left panel now update across to the right panel and update all fields of the same name.
        • (Excel) Dragged in percentage fields work properly.
        • (Excel) Substitute report not being found issue resolved.
        • Autosave causing Save As dialog box to pop up resolved.
        • No longer prompts to save documents with no changes made on exit.
      • Version 2.0.18

        20 September 2016 11:06am
        • Bugfixes:
        • Multiple panes after saving.
        • Panels not working with footers.
        • Changes not propagating to/from footers.
        • Convert to text converts the wrong field when using navigation arrows.
        • Conflict Window showing placeholder text rather than empty value.
      • Version 2.0.17

        13 September 2016 9:32am
        • Fix conflict window error message.
      • Version 2.0.16

        6 September 2016 5:32pm
        • Replaced icons.
        • Fixed issue with valuer's details not syncing.
        • Fixed issue with non-ValuePRO documents with mergefields being treated as valid documents.
      • Version 2.0.15

        5 September 2016 5:37pm
        • Pressed 'Convert to Text' only converts the currently selected field.
        • Fields not associated with a JobID (i.e. Valuer's information) are read-only and have grey-styled placeholder text.
      • Version 2.0.14

        30 August 2016 4:50pm
        • Fixed Excel showing error values in conflict winow and updating to server.
        • Clear now works for date fields.
        • After syncing in Excel going from offline to online mode, the sheet doesn't change.
        • If there is no default template, creates an empty document.
        • Fixed bug where incorrect number of jobs shows if suburb and address are not filled in.
        • Optimised Extracting Bookmarks with Conflicts.
        • Allow ValuePRO fields to exist inside content controls.
        • Fixed rendering errors that occurred with certain templates.
      • Version 2.0.13

        26 August 2016 2:07pm
        • Fixed Copy/Paste over multiple columns issue.
        • Credentials loaded on opening.
        • Minor bug fixes.
      • Version 2.0.12

        24 August 2016 5:42pm
        • Online mode speed-ups in Excel.
      • Version 2.0.11

        23 August 2016 2:54pm
        • Fixed error on clicking empty photos pane
        • Fixed database error selecting Label types in left pane
        • Fixed problem where dropping field into existing text would change the surrounding text's formatting
        • Fixed several issues with Replace Default Values
        • Removed some buttons from main ribbon. Clear Database moved to developer tools in About.
      • Version 2.0.10

        19 August 2016 3:55pm
        • Fixed Excel overwriting with server content causing freeze bug.
      • Version 2.0.9

        19 August 2016 9:05pm
        • Fixed Excel updating issue.
      • Version 2.0.8

        17 August 2016 3:21pm
        • Credentials stored in config file.
        • Fixed infinite-loop issue in Excel.
      • Version 2.0.7

        16 August 2016 4:39pm
        • Fixed Hide/Show.
        • Fixed dragging in new fields not working after regenerating bug.
      • Version 2.0.6

        12 August 2016 3:00pm
        • Excel leases rendering fix.
      • Version 2.0.5

        12 August 2016 11:45am
        • Excel rendering fix.
      • Version 2.0.4

        12 August 2016 9:55am
        • Speed improvements in syncing with server and generating reports.
        • Panel loading speedups in Word and Excel.
        • New installer with bundled pre-requisites.
        • Added placeholder text to empty fields.
        • Fixed bugs related to adding and deleting new fields.
        • Fixed duplicate panels appearing.
        • Fixed issue where dragging emails in Outlook removed formatting and uploaded an RTF file rather than a PDF.
      • Version 2.0.3

        8 August 2016 9:55am
        • Speed improvements in syncing with server and generating reports.
        • Panel loading speedups in Word and Excel.
        • Added placeholder text to empty fields.
        • Fixed bugs related to adding and deleting new fields.
        • Fixed duplicate panels appearing.
        • Fixed issue where dragging emails in Outlook removed formatting and uploaded an RTF file rather than a PDF.
      • Version 1.90

        6 June 2016 5:30pm
        • Bug fixes from v1.89
      • Version 1.89

        27 May 2016 3:00pm
        • Bug fixes from v1.88
      • Version 1.88

        25 May 2016 12:45pm
        • Bug fixes from v1.87
      • Version 1.87

        23 May 2016 06:00pm
        • Bug fixes from v1.86
        • Support for clean installs on Windows 7 10 x64
      • Version 1.86

        12 May 2016 4:00pm
        • Removed SQL Query function that is not compatible with SQL CE
      • Version 1.85

        10 May 2016 5:15pm
        • Fixed percentages in word report
        • Fixed multi-select control in word report
      • Version 1.84

        5 May 2016 12:15pm
        • NOTE: E2E Testing Partially Completed
        • Cleared the left and right panels when user clicks away from the content control
      • Version 1.83

        4 May 2016 6:00am
        • Modified Conflict Window to display Sales details for each address
        • Modified Conflict Window to use the key Id from the content control tag to get the Sales record from the TblSalesCapture table instead of the TblSales table
        • Modified the startup to generate report if the data is already loaded in offline mode
        • Fixed the Upload Document problem when the left and right panels are hidden
        • Modified Conflict Window to display Sales details for each address
        • Correct Implementation of Item by Item Ignore Feature on Conflict Resolution Window for Substitute Component conflicts
      • Version 1.82

        29 April 2016 9:45pm
        • NOTE: E2E Testing Partially Completed
        • Modified the Conflict window to use the FriendlyFieldName instead of the FieldName
        • Modified the padding on the highlight rectangle of the selected node in the tree view
        • Changed Display of Percentage Field Value Conflicts to match configured display formats from Server field configuration
        • Changed Conflict Detection Logic to use rounding on percentage values after multiplication x 100
        • Correctly set the Status Window to "Ready" after completion of Rendering Left and Right Panels after Refresh and On-line Events
        • In Excel, Modified Cell Selection Event to clear Left and Right Panels State when the selected cell is no longer in the same context
        • Display Alerts to False to make sure Save Dialog doesnt appear
        • Correct Implementation of Item by Item Ignore Feature on Conflict Resolution Window
      • Version 1.81

        29 April 2016 8:15am
        • Modified the Conflict Window to allow Write Backs with formulas to upload to the server
      • Version 1.80

        28 April 2016 4:00pm
        • Modified the Clear Database function to test the connection to the server
        • Added percentage data type in the rounding calculation in the Conflict Window
        • Modified the Clear Database function to set global status (login user type to IsValuer, IsMasterUser or IsAdmin)
        • Modified the Document Close handler to cancel the treebackground worker and set the status message to "Ready" instead of the existing "Constructing left and right panels" message
        • Modified the Conflict Window to remove multiplication of percentage values by 100 as they are automatically multiplied in the workbook
        • Modified the conflict window to include the ignore button
        • Modified the conflict window to include the red strikeout font for the conflicts that are discarded and the black normal font for the conflicts that are kept
        • Removed the exception message box when the named range refers to another workbook which no longer exists
        • Modified the field text displayed in the right panel control to include carriage return and line feeds so that the text is displayed clearly in the control
        • Added the message box to inform the user that the job data is not avaiable for a new job and that it is required to go online to obtain the data
        • Modified the clear icon at the end of the search text box in the left panel
        • Fixed the tree view to change the highlight color for a selected node when a non-valuepro content control is selected
        • Fixed the tree view to change the hightlight color when another content control is selected in the treeview
        • Fixed the tree view to deselect all nodes when selection is cleared in the document
        • Fixed the tree view to deselect all nodes when there is no matching tree node for the content control selected in the document
        • Modified the right panel to use a tool tip and image to display the condition messages
        • Changed the right panel to keep the controls in place while changing the values, in order to stop the flicker when the user changes from one content control to another
        • Changed the right panel so that the field card is expanded and populated with the content control value that is selected in the active sheet
        • Introduced the white panel to hide the scrollbar in the right panel
        • Cleared the left and right panel controls when the user changes to online mode or when the user refreshes jobs and the synchronization is performed
        • Modified the Refresh jobs not to delete the directories to save time by not redownloading existing files
        • Modified the start up to disable the left and right panels to stop the user from selecting the content controls when the synchronization is in progress
        • Modified the conflict window to round the server values for fields that use rounded values in the document
        • Added new status text messages in the Comms dialog to provide information to the user when the template version is changed and when the latest version is downloaded
        • Removed the clear offline logs function to stop the synchronization processes apart from the one used in the Comms dialog
        • Unsubscribed events to stop changes to content controls when the user changes from offline to online mode and synchronization is performed
        • Modified the tree view to use OwnerDrawText mode to stop the double loading of the tree view
        • Modified the synchronization to run synchronously when the document is closed
        • Modified the multiselect control to use the comma delimiter instead of the carot delimiter